Hikari no Senritsu – Sora no Woto OP Theme Lyrics

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「光の旋律」Hikari no Senritsu

Vocals: Kalafina
Lyrics: Kajiura Yuki
Composition: Kajiura Yuki
Arrangement: Kajiura Yuki


Kono sora no kagayaki
Kimi no mune ni todoiteru?
Yumemiteta shirabe wa shizukesa no you ni

Kimi no te ga mada yume ni tookute mo
Omoidashite yo   yasashii koe o
Dareka ga kimi no tame   utatta shiawase no koodo

Sora no oto hibike, takaku kanashimi o koete
Kimi no me ni utsuru mono wa subete hontou no sekai
Namida sae kimi o koko ni todomete okenai
Furisosogu hikari no naka   ashita o kanadete

Hontou wa dare ni mo kikoenai
Sonna oto datta
Demo dare no mune ni mo akaruku hibiiteta

Shiawase wa kitto tsugi no sakamichi de
Kimi no fui o tsuite kisu o kureru yo
Itsuka sono namida ga kareru koro
Kikoeru kimi no koodo

Taiko no oto kara hajimaru yo   song of love
Dare mo ga shitte ita sono uta ni hitotsu
Sorairo no onpu kasanete

Hitori de utatteta toki wa sukoshi dake sabishikute
Kimi no koto zutto yonde ita
Todoitan da yo ne?
Kimi no moto e

Hontou no itami ga
Kimi no mune ni fureta toki
Yumemiteta shirabe ga
Shizukesa no you ni

Sora no oto hibike, takaku kanashimi o koete
Ima koko ni ikiteru koto   waraiaeru sono hi made
Yasashisa mo yume mo koko ni todomete okenai
Kiete yuku hikari no naka   ashita o kanadete

Yagate kimi no te ga tsukamu tokoshie no shinjitsu
Kanawanai to omou kara
Isso takaraka na koe de
Sono uta ni kimi wa kibou to nazukete naita
Yumemiru hito no kokoro ni   tashika ni todoku yo


思い出してよ 優しい声を
誰かが君のため 歌った幸福の和音

君の目に映るものは 全て本当の世界
降り注ぐ光の中 明日を奏でて



太鼓の音から始まるよ song of love



今ここに生きてること 笑い合えるその日まで
消えて行く光の中 明日を奏でて

夢見る人の心に 確かに届くよ

Is the brilliance of this sky
Reaching your chest?
The tune you dreamed of is like its quietness

Even if your hands are still far from your dream
Recall the tender voice
Someone sang the chord of happiness for you

The sound of the sky echoes, high over your sorrow
All of the things reflected in your eyes are the real world
Not even tears can keep you here
Within the pouring light, you make music out of tomorrow

The truth is, no one could hear it
Such a sound it was
But it echoed cheerfully in everyone’s chest

On the next hillside path, surely happiness
Will surprise you with a kiss
When your tears dry someday
I’ll hear your chord

It’ll start from the sound of drums, a song of love
Synching a single sky-blue note
With that song everyone knew

When I sang alone, it was just a bit lonely
And I called for you all the while
It reached there, didn’t it?
To where you are

The real pain
Was when I touched your chest
The tune I dreamed of
Is like its quietness

The sound of the sky echoes, high over your sorrow
We’re living here and now for the day when we can laugh together
Not even kindness or dreams can keep me here
Within the vanishing light, I make music out of tomorrow

Because you think you aren’t a match
For the eternal truth your hands will grasp before long
With a rather loud voice
You named the song ‘hope’ and cried
Certainly it’ll reach the hearts of dreamers

Sora no Woto OP Single – Hikari no Senritsu (Kalafina)

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YEAY!!! Finally it’s out!! x3
great song! ahahaha


1. Hikari no Senritsu
2. sapphire
3. Hikari no Senritsu -Instrumental-

Download link
MP3 : MF | MU |
FLAC (MU) : Part1 | Part2

ah…and here’s the PV : MU

ENJOY!!! x3


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ah…hari ini hari ke dua gw UAS, hari pertama hari kamis kemaren….agh sumpah gw males banget dah =_= mana bobotnya cuman 30% dari total nilai…ga bakal bisa bantu nilai fisika gw yang bisa dibilang jelek orz tapi kalo ga ikut, paling gw kena ancaman ga lulus, kalo ga lulus..pasti gw langsung dicincang sama ortu..arrrggghhhh

Sumpah males banget dah gw UAS, serasa ga ada beban, belajar juga ngga sama sekali wakakaka

Buat yang baca, doain gw biar dapet IPK diatas 3 yak xD

ほしうた~Starlight Serenade~

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Official Title: ほしうた~Starlight Serenade~
Romaji: Hoshiuta ~Starlight Serenade~
Release Date : 2009-12-25
Publisher : Front Wing
Language : Japanese
Info : Getchu
Original Game : ほしうた

It is autumn… A boyfriend and a girlfriend get closer little by little… But one day, their relationship suddenly changes after some accident…

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Official Title: ほしうた
Romaji: Hoshiuta
Release Date : 2008/12/26
Publisher : Front Wing
Language : Japanese
Info : Getchu
FanDisk : ほしうた~Starlight Serenade~


In a rural hot spring town, a grandmother lives with two children, an older boy and a younger girl.
As the boy has no relatives, the grandmother tells him “I have a favour to ask, grow up so that you can make our lives comfortable”.
But it was only an idea, while life continued.

After that, several years passed…

After passing an exam, he entered a new school.
Having achieved the highest grades of anyone, the grandmother was overjoyed, but she suddenly died.

He hadn’t finished her favour.

After mourning for a short time, he meets a girl wearing a wedding dress, and they start going out.
With the girl, he overcomes his sadness.

About a year later, it’s the start of the summer holidays.
He had to change schools for the girl. A “lying girl” appears, and his surroundings start to become noisy…

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星空のメモリア-Wish upon a shooting star-

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Official Title: 星空のメモリア-Wish upon a shooting star-
Romaji: Hoshizora no Memoria-Wish upon a shooting star-
Release Date : 2009-02-27
Publisher&Developer : Favorite
Language : Japanese
Info : Getchu


The protagonist You Kogasaka is moving back into his hometown for the first time in several years. He meets a mysterious girl who resembles his childhood friend. She introduces herself as Mare, a shinigami. She also likes stars and appears at the observatory which is the best place to see the stars. You also likes to see stars, so they often meet at the observatory and enjoy seeing stars together…

There is the astronomy club at his school and he belongs to it. The club isn’t, however, recognized as an official club because of it’s lack of members. To turn it into a fully-fledged club, You and other club members are coming up with battle plans to enroll new recruits…


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Release Date : 2009/03/27
Publisher : Lapis Lazuli

Yuya and Konoka, his younger sister, live homeless due to various troubles. One day, Yuya gets an illegal job to get out of homeless life. The job, however, fails and he is captured by the group. He is ready for death, but the boss of the group says, “I like smart boys. I wanna you to be mine.” Like this, Yuya and Konoka are sent to an isolated island. “It’s warm here! There’s no cold wind!” The island is like a paradise under the clear sky and surrounded by beautiful sea…. Yuya and Konoka are ordered to live there and enter school nearby. Yuya and Konoka’s school life on the island now starts…

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