GirlDeMo – Crow Song + Thousand Enemies + Little Braver

Yea i know, its too late to post this XD
but since i dont have anything to do, guess i’ll post this x3
up to now, GirlDeMo (Girls Dead Monster) already released 3 albums


1st album : Crow Song (Vocal : Iwasawa [Marina])

Track List :
1. Crow Song
2. Alchemy
3. My Song

Download link :
FLAC : |Indowebster|MF|RS|Torrent|
MP3 : |Indowebster|RS|MF|Torrent|


2nd album : Thousand Enemies (Vocal : Yui [LiSA])

Track List :
1. Thousand Enemies
2. Rain Song
3. Highest Life

Download Link :
FLAC : |MU|Torrent|
MP3 : |Indowebster|MF|MU|Torrent|


3rd album : Little Braver (Vocal : Yui [LiSA])

Track List :
1. Little Braver
2. Shine Days
3. Answer Song

Download Link :
FLAC : |Indowebster|MU|Torrent|
MP3 : |Indowebster|HotFile|Torrent|


credit to uploader 😀

I prefer 3rd album btw, it’s the best GirlDeMo album i think tehe xD

~ by ryougi on 06/13/2010.

2 Responses to “GirlDeMo – Crow Song + Thousand Enemies + Little Braver”

  1. Is it just me or their instruments have a similarity with Shining Force EXA opening music….tapi tetep aja keren!

  2. Wow this helped alot. I couldn’t find a list of their songs and albums anywhere! Even though they’re all good i like the 1st one.

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