Kagamine Rin (Vocaloid) – Proof of Life Lyrics

shit, this one too…so sad that i cant hold back my tears
ah..nice song T_T

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lyrics: ひとしずくP (Hitoshizuku-P)
composition: ひとしずくP (Hitoshizuku-P)
arrangement: ひとしずくP (Hitoshizuku-P)
singer: Kagamine Rin


冬を告げる 風の声に
耳を傾け 震える体
隣にいる あなたの息

今年もまた 命は 枯れ果て
やがて来る春を 待ち詫びる
命の連鎖を 聴きながら
芽吹いて往く 光の中で

朽ちて逝く 運命(さだめ)と
分かってなお  強く
息していたいよ 歌っていたい

わたしにも何か 残せるといいな
わたしが生きた 命の証を…

ねえ お願い 今この時だけは
笑っていたいよ… あなたの横で
優しい歌を 歌っていたい

幾度目かの 冬を越えて
やっと気付いた この気持ちは
告げる事は できなかったけど
ココロはいつも 繋がっていたよね…

暗くて ミエナイヨ…
何も キコエナイヨ…

今 消えない…

ずっと側に居るよ 忘れないでね
あなたはいつも 独りじゃないよ

寂しくないよ あなたがいる
抱きしめてくれる 暖かい手で
キコエナイけれど 伝わっているよ
触れた指先から 愛シテル…って

ねえ お願い 今この時だけは
笑っていたいよ あなたと共に
優しい歌を 歌っていたい
あなたに捧げたい 惜別の歌
最期に伝えたいよ ありがとう…



Fuyu wo tsugeru kaze no koe ni
Mimi wo katamuke furueru karada
Tonari ni iru anata no iki
Shiroku natte samusou

Kotoshi mo mata inochi wa kare hate
Yagate kuru haru wo machi wa biru
Inochi no rensa wo kiki nagara
Mebuite yuku hikari no naka de

Kuchi de yuku sadame to
Wakatte nao tsuyoku
Iki shite ita iyo utatte itai

Watashi ni mo nani ka nokoseru to ii na
Watashi ga iki ta inochi no akashi wo…

Kanashii uta ni wa shitaku nai yo
Nee onegai ima kono toki dake wa
Waratte itai yo… anata no yoko de
Yasashii uta wo utatte itai

Ikudo me ka no fuyu wo koete
Yatto kizuita kono kimochi wa
Tsugeru koto wa deki nakatta kedo
Kokoro wa itsumo tsunagatte ita yo ne

Kurakute mienai yo…
Nani mo kikoe nai yo…
Kowai yo…
Kurushii yo…
Sabishii yo…

Nani mo kamo subete ga
Kiete yuku naka de
Anata no egao dake ga
Ima kienai…

Yasashii uta wo utatte ite ne
Kodoku na sekai ni tsutsumarete mo
Zutto soba ni iru yo wasure nai de ne
Anata wa itsumo hitori ja nai yo

Sabishiku nai yo anata ga iru
Dakishimete kureru atatakai te de
Kikoe nai keredo tsutawatte iru yo
Fureta yubisaki kara aishiteru…tte

Kanashii uta ni wa shitaku nai yo
Nee onegai ima kono toki dake wa
Waratte itai yo anata to tomo ni
Yasashii uta wo utatte itai
Anata ni sasagetai setsubetsu no uta
Saigo ni tsutaetai yo arigatou…



The wind’s voice tells me of winter
My body shivers as I listen
You’re right next to me
Your breath seems white and cold

Life has withered away, too, this year
Before long, I’ve grown impatient for spring’s arrival
While listening to the chains of life
Continuing to bud in the light

My fate continues to rot away
I understand, but I remain strong
I want to breathe, I want to sing

It would be good if I can leave something behind
That says I have lived… a proof of my life

I don’t want to sing a sad song
Hey, I’m begging you, right now my only wish
Is to laugh next to you
I want to sing a gentle song

Several winters passed by
I finally realized this feeling
I can’t say it out loud but
Our hearts are always connected, right?

It’s dark, I can’t see anything…
I can’t hear anything…
It’s scary…
It’s painful…
It’s lonely…

While everything in me
Continues to disappear
Your smiling face
Still lingers…

You are singing a gentle song, right?
Even though we’re wrapped up in this world of loneliness
I’m always beside you, don’t forget
You are never alone

I’m not lonely because you’re here
You embrace with your warm hands
I can’t hear you, but I understand
The hands that you hold me said “I love you”

I do not want to sing a sad song
Hey, I’m begging you, my only wish right now
Is to laugh with you
I want to sing a gentle song
I want to dedicate it to you, a song of parting
In my last moment, I want to tell you…thank you

~ by ryougi on 06/11/2010.

9 Responses to “Kagamine Rin (Vocaloid) – Proof of Life Lyrics”

  1. Omg! I thought the soundless voice is touching! My whole body shivers listening to proof of life! And its my first time crying at first listen! I dont even have to look at the lyrics to understand her feelings >_<Ooo…

  2. i cry when i hear this songs….huhu..T_T


  4. OH MY GOD! this is so.. heartwarming/heartbreaking! it makes me think deeply.. and it made me weep for her.. even though she’s technically not a real person..

  5. wonderful!!
    vocaloid and rin (but luka too) is is the best!!
    how touching…. :’)

  6. Uwaah… seriously, i cried at the moment i hear this song… its so sad… it really shivers me when it comes to the embraced by your hand and so on… how can they put the emotional feeling into such words they are beautifull , sad yet beauifull. excelent

  7. Such a touching song…*sniffles* T~T

  8. this song always makes me cry. ALWAYS. but it’s a pretty story anyways :’)

  9. So touching…
    Make me cry so hard… 😥
    I want to make a fanfic based on this song!

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