Kara no Kyoukai 5 : Mujun Rasen Subs Released

YAYYYY!!!!!!!!! Finally the subs is out!

I’ll download this ASAP xD can’t wait for shiki shiki shiki shiki!!!

thanks for gg-takajun.. for subs this! LOVE YOU~ xD

anyway here’s the link


hey.. it’s only 1.66 gigs.. *out of my prediction* yay~

~ by ryougi on 01/31/2009.

7 Responses to “Kara no Kyoukai 5 : Mujun Rasen Subs Released”

  1. Wew Shiki!!!!!!

  2. OMG! Thanx a lot!!!

  3. i…think..i`m…gonna….crying…for..hapiness..*sniff* this series is never dissapoint me,thanks.
    btw,did the anime often gettin cut or its really like that? since the scene is looks often jumping from place to another (like when touko is talking to cornelius it was suddenly cut off to kokuto visit shiki house)

  4. @Muxiy : yeah!! it’s shiki!! xD

    @RubyWhite : you’re welcome ^^

    @devilpro : yep, this series always awesome, especially shiki! xD
    i think the anime is really like that.. if u don’t understand the anime, it’s better for u to read the novel since it’s easier to understand

  5. @devilpyro yep, the anime’s like that. the intent behind jumping from scene to scene and showing things out of chronological order is to project the confusion that the characters are feeling and to question our perceptions of reality. just like how the whole series is structured to reinforce the overall themes of life/death/rebirth and reality/illusion.

    • yeah…
      and this make this anime is more interesting 😀
      anyone know when the 6th movie will come out in dvd?

  6. Good job. Waiting for part 6.
    And I hope you’ll take care of part 7 as well XD

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