50 signs that you’re a SHITTY artist!


this picture is a snapshot from its original video. Here’s the link


some of you might be not understand what it means *including me* xD. Translation :

1. They never admit their lack of drawing skills. They insist that it’s their drawing style.
2. They always make excuses for the shitty quality of their works. “I’m still practicing” or “I’m working on it” are the most common excuses.
3. They draw shitty characters with a mouse and tell people that they don’t have a tablet.
4. They always draw heads and face.
5. Their characters always face the same
6. The proportion is awful.
7. Every character looks the same.
8. They draw same faces with different hairs.
9. Their characters’ angle and direction are very odd.
10. They don’t give a shit about the basic drawing.
11. Others only care about the basic drawing.
12. They have no idea what a layer is. (Photoshop)
13. They always draw one character. (no more than two characters in a single canvas)
14. They always draw characters in same angle.
15. Every character has same facial expression.
16. Static and passive pose. They can’t draw characters in dynamic pose.
17. They never draw feet.
18. They can’t draw figures from high or low angles.
19. Some of them don’t even know the definition of high and low angle drawing.
20. A shitty figure drawing in dynamic pose can be turned into a 4th Dimensional abstract.
21. Same character looks totally different when it is drawn in different angle or direction.
22. They can’t even draw anything other than characters or draw everything but characters.
23. They always draw cute characters. anything wrong about this? o.O
24. They don’t know how to draw old people.
25. They don’t know how to draw hands.
26. Their characters’ hands are always hidden behind. (because they don’t want to draw hands).
27. The idea sketch is professional but the actual quality is shitty.
28. They try to cover up one of the eyes with hair so that they can draw only one eye.
29. Their works are always asymmetrical.
30. Line art = Finished piece
31. Rough sketch = Finished piece
32. They have no anatomical knowledge.
33. They only draw eyes.
34. The size of the character’s eyes and boobs are ridiculously huge.
35. They love boobs but they don’t know how to draw boobs properly, so they only love boobs.
36. Their works are free from all logic. Awkward anatomy and proportion.
37. They lose confidence when other people’s works look great.
38. They think they are genius when they come up with satisfied quality.
39. They collect other people’s works as practice references but they actually collect them as a collection.
40. They are not patient enough to practice.
41. They think tablet is the magic wand that makes them draw like Bob Ross. =.=

42. They regain confidence when other people’s works look shitter than theirs.
43. They are more than willing to draw but they lose the spirit so easily.
44. They completely lose the confidence when they see the works of true genius.
45. They draw once a month or even once a year. err… right
46. They get mad when their favorite artists are being lazy.
47. When they draw Hentai art, they end up drawing grotesque horror pictures because their proportion is so fucking awful. never draw hentai 😀
48. They don’t even have a faith in themselves.
49. The word ‘slump’ is their most common excuse for being lazy.
50. They realized their problems and know where to fix but they never do.


haha… cuman lulus 15 dari 50! yah, saya mengakui deh, kalo saya emang termasuk salah satu nya TAT

harus terus belajar nih.. D:

~ by ryougi on 12/08/2008.

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