Lolicon Schoolboy Arrested Over Loli Shrine Raep

Yeah I know that this is an old news…

but I just want to post it, because it contains loli :))

A schoolboy who invited a 10-year-old girl to join him for a chat at a local shrine, which in fact was a pretext for him to assault her, has been arrested.

The youth, a third year high school student, asked the girl (10), apparently known to him, to join him for a talk at the shrine, where he is accused of touching her body, “etc.”.

Some weeks a later a report to police indicating the presence of someone matching the description of the assailant was received, and police soon apprehended him in the same neighbourhood.

He soon admitted to the crime; police are still establishing his motive and any additional charges. He is currently being charged with indecent assault.

Via Mainichi.

Poor Loli Shrine Maiden T^T… Damn that pedos!! Dx HOW CAN YOU DID IT TO THAT PURE and CUTE Little girl…!!!

this post is repost from sankakucomplex


~ by ryougi on 12/06/2008.

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