Kara no Kyoukai 4th movie confirmed!!!

Try to test my english, sorry for a bad grammar, and bad english xD

Kara no Kyoukai 4th movie: Garan no Dou has been confirmed on its official site. It’ll be release at December 17th 2008 on DVD version! Ureshiii~~

And finally my Shiki is BACK! xD I can’t wait for you honey~~

Well, here’s the synopsis:

After coma for 2 years long, Shiki finally opened her eyes. However, the dots and lines that sign “deaths” of something or creatures are waiting for her. Can’t persist of death which looks very close to her, Shiki tried to stab her own eyes. Although her action didn’t cause fatal wounds, the Hospital crew decided to gave counceling to Shiki. For this, they called Touko, whom actually have known Shiki’s background via Mikiya. From Touko’s opinion, all the things that Shiki have seen are the cause of her (Shiki) actions that tried to touch the death. Her brain has understood it and then translates it into that dots and lines.

From one case of ghosts attack in Hospital, Shiki finally understand that she only can feel the spirit of life when she fought with something which makes her life in danger. And Touko also give Shiki a job that can give situation like that to her. Incidentally, Touko need someone who can be her employee.

After out from Hospital, the first person that greeted her was Mikiya, he waits for her with the same smile which didnt change since the past 2 years.

Awww…almost forget..

As usual, theme song will be performed by Kalafina. For this movie, they will sing “ARIA” for ending theme. This is a good song, IMO. If you’d like to hear it just download it from here


Kara no Kyoukai………and nothing heart


~ by ryougi on 11/16/2008.

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